Swimwear Care Guide

Lilja the Label Moa Top


How to keep your swimwear looking fresh for summers to come?

We’ve gathered information on how to best take care of your favourite swimwear items. The fabric consistency with our swimwear and almost any other swimwear is a blend of polyamide and elastane. In our case the PA is of recycled origins, REPREVE® or ECONYL®. Elastane is the material that gives the product its stretch – widely used in swimwear, activewear and other items that need to me stretchy. Elastane especially needs some extra care to keep its qualities, so we recommend giving your swimwear and activewear items some extra love to make sure they get a long life cycle.

Rinse your swimwear with fresh cold water after every use and as soon as possible. The salt in sea water and the chemicals in pool water may weaken the fabric, and possible sunscreen and sun tai oil products may cause to stain the fabric. By remembering to rinse your swimsuit after you’re done wearing it, you’re adding many many more seasons to the product’s life span.

Do not leave your bikini to dry in direct sunlight to avoid fading of colours. Our best tip is to dry your swimsuit on a flat surface in the shade. Even though the sun is an essential part of any beach day, if a product is let out in direct UV rays for a long time, the colours may fade. This applies to all laundry and all other items as well – the sun can be rough and damaging!

– If your swimsuit is need of a wash instead of a rinse, hand wash it at no more than 30°C using mild detergent. Do not use bleach or colourants or fabric softeners. We recommend you to avoid machine washing but if you have a real SOS situation, try a gentle cold wash program with no other items to avoid tangling or damaging the swimwear.. Absolutely no tumble drying or ironing! Always dry your swimwear in shade.

Do not hang your bikini to dry from its straps to avoid stretching. We recommend drying the swimsuit on a flat surface in the shade, or to hanging it from the widest part so that it won’t stretch when wet.

Do not wring your swimsuit to get rid of extra water. This may cause stretching and loss of the shape of the item.

Never leave the item wet and rolled up in a bag, inside a towel etc. for a long time. Always rinse and dry your product as soon as possible.

– Note that rough surfaces, such as rocks, piers, surfboards and anything that can cause abrasion can damage your swimsuit.

– Contact with tanning oils, sunscreen and pool chemicals may cause stains. We know that sunscreen is important, so try to choose a product with no colourants, scents or anything extra. The ocean will also thank you!

How do I take care of my Lilja the Label activewear?

Our activewear fabric is also a recycled polyamide and elastane blend, and has similar qualities to our swimwear fabric, however is a bit thicker and more resistant. Just like swimwear, the activewear item will have much more longevity when taken care of properly.

– You can machine wash your activewear at 40°C. We recommend choosing a gentle program and using gentle or natural detergent.

Do not tumble dry your activewear! The elastane used in activewear is not very resistant to heat and a prolonged heat exposure can cause it to lose its elasticity and weaken the fabric.

Wash your activewear with similar colours to avoid discolouration.

Dry your activewear in shade. Do not leave out in the sun for a prolonged time to avoid fading of colours.

– Note that rough surfaces or other items, such as zippers, bra clasps and buttons can damage your activewear when the item is being washed. Separate the item from these if possible by washing separately or using a wash bag.