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  • Lilja the Label Helsinki

    Lilja Preloved: Giving 2nd hand swimwear a new life with Relove

    We’re all about a challenge! We teamed up with Finnish second hand pioneer Relove to find a solution for one of our long-term sustainability goals: elongating the lifecycle of each Lilja the Label item. While we create our items to last, both use and the test of time, sometimes items we purchase turn out to …

  • Lilja the Label Fig Bamboo Bralette

    Introducing our first bamboo underwear collection

    We are so happy to finally introduce our first ever underwear collection! You will find our new underwear pieces next to the loungewear and signature swimwear styles that just arrived as a part of our new Ease Collection. We have been toying with the idea of creating underwear for some while now to support our …

  • Lilja the Label Clay Zip Sweatshirt

    Join our trip to Åland!

    Just in time for our cosy loungewear drop we launched for the crispy autumn days, our team travelled to the beautiful archipelago of Åland to shoot the collection out in the nature. Fun fact: Åland is located in midst of the gorgeous Archipelago between Sweden and Finland and is the smallest region of Finland by …

  • Delicate Wash by Bondi Wash

    Partnering with Bondi Wash: Let’s take care of your swimwear!

    We make sustainable swimwear, but one important part of sustainability is product care. Taking care of your swimwear is essential in making it last for seasons to come. Starting with treating the delicate fabric correctly while wearing, rinsing it with fresh water after your swims & drying your swimwear in the shade – There’s many …

  • Lilja the Label Yoko Bralette

    Preorders: Benefiting both the environment and the customer

    In the beginning of 2022 we introduced a new approach to our production. We launched our ads collections Vesi Collection and Groovy Era as pre-order collections. Our coming collections will also be available for preorders 4-6 weeks before the items physically arrive. Preorders generally mean that customers are able to order a certain product before …

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