Covid-19 Update from Lilja the Label

, Covid-19 Update from Lilja the Label, Lilja the Label

Covid-19 Update from Lilja the Label

Updated 17.2.2021

We can’t even begin to explain how important your support throughout this difficult situation has been. We literally wouldn’t be here without you and couldn’t do any of this without you. A huge thank you for each order, message, comment, share, like, you name it! They really mean the world to us. As this is a situation affecting all of us around the world, we wanted to share information about how we are coping, how our lovely factory staff are doing and how the pandemic is affecting our deliveries and other processes.


We are still aiming to pack all orders within 24 hours on business days Monday-Friday. There have been some delays in this due to quarantine measures some of our warehouse staff had to take earlier this year, and as we were running on lower capacity, some orders were shipped slightly delayed. We are so sorry for any possible delays! Each and every order will get packed and sent as soon as possible, first-in-first-served. Currently our warehouse is running on lower but steady capacity and everyone is staying safe and healthy.


Orders to Finland are shipped via Posti and are currently facing almost no delays. Orders within the EU can be shipped via GLS and DHL Express (your choice). Both of these operators have their own networks and therefore aren’t affected by flight cancellations, but some delays may still occur as there are more safety and health standards in place when crossing country borders both by road and by air. GLS is our Standard Shipping option and is currently taking approximately a week or two, DHL Express is our Express Shipping option and is only taking 1-3 business days within the EU. For shipments outside the EU, we are currently only using DHL Express and they are taking 2-5 business days to get your package to you.

Our factory staff and production

We are happy to inform you that our factory staff in Bali is doing well with Bali currently having way less infections than Europe. They are working at full capacity taking care of their safety and health by wearing face masks, sanitising, washing their hands and keeping the factory closed for visitors. The health and safety of everyone involved in our product chain is our utmost priority and should any restrictions change or anyone get unwell, the necessary precautions would be taken.

While our factory is running at full capacity, most of our fabrics come from Italy and Italy has been struck harder by the pandemic. Therefore we are facing some delays in fabric deliveries and this may affect our restock schedule and product availability.

Our staff in Finland

We are doing well and staying healthy, working from home and enjoying the winter sun as much as possible 🙂

Summer 2021

We are still going forward with our new Summer 2021 collection and are hoping to launch the first items in the end of March or the beginning of April. The second batch of new items is scheduled to arrive in May. Most of our favourite styles from last year will be restocked throughout this year as you’ve loved them so much!

We are hoping that things will ease up a little bit for the summer, and if this happens, we will continue planning our Summer Shop in Helsinki for the upcoming summer. We’re also looking forward to having a couple of pop up shopping events, if possible. If things aren’t looking great when it comes to physical shopping events, you’ll always find us online. x