Lilja the Label x Laura Rosilla collaboration: Laura’s interview

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We created a Lilja the Label x Laura Rosilla collaboration collection of swimwear and activewear for summer 2021 together with Finnish wellness influencer Laura Rosilla. The entire collection has been incredibly loved, the feedback we’ve received about these designs has been overwhelming and we couldn’t be happier to have started working together! We had the honour to interview Laura about the process of creating this collection and are so excited to share her answers below. You can also view the entire collection here!


    Hi Laura! Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this interview and to tell us a bit more about the design process of the Lilja x Laura Rosilla collaboration collection you created with us this summer. Could you first tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! Thank you for the amazing chance to collaborate and create something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time! This whole process has been amazing<3

I always say that I’m a life lover and a feel-good type of person. I think that dreams are made for achieving them and that we should all live a life that we truly enjoy by going after things that we are passionate about. I’m soon a 27-year-old entrepreneur who is living her dream life by being able to work with the things that I love: sports, wellness, music and my own personal brand. So I guess I would define myself as a young entrepreneur who isn’t afraid of going after her dreams.


    I love that you’re a young female entrepreneur and are successfully running your own business. What made you start in the first place?

It started by accident, really. I always felt like I’m not “fitting in” when people started to talk about university studies and going to work in an office, so I started to think about what other options there could be. I was studying business in an university of applied sciences and it didn’t really feel like my place (even though it definitely was a good school to go through) so then I realized that I could go study to become a personal trainer at the same time. At the time I also started my own blog (which evolved into YouTube channel and Instagram) and started to share my daily thoughts, recipes, workouts and all that there and little by little the whole social media thing became bigger and bigger. So after slowly building my personal brand, I finally started my own business in 2017 and now it has evolved to be much bigger than I ever expected.


    Your Lilja the Label x Laura Rosilla collaboration collection was launched back in May. I remember the idea to co-create a collection originally coming from your side after a photoshoot we had together in 2020. I loved the idea immediately! Why was this project important to you?

Haha yes, this just sums up how I’m not afraid to put my dreams out there and say them out loud. I had had a dream of creating my own clothing line for a long time, since I’ve had a lot of ideas and always wanted to see how the process goes, so that’s why I knew that someday I would want to do it. And luckily you were so excited for the idea when I carefully presented it 😀


    Could you tell us a bit about the inspirations behind the designs you created?

The collection was inspired by the ocean. I have spent so many holidays in our house in Spain (that has been our family’s since 1999) and there I’ve always been so inspired by the nature and the amazing ocean & tropical environment. So when I started to create this collection, I knew immediately that I would want to bring the touch of the ocean and “earthy” colours into it.


    The collection is entirely made from recycled materials. Why was this important to you?

As the world keeps getting more and more damaged by climate change and fast fashion, being able to choose better options when it comes to food & clothes is important to me. I always knew that when I get to design my own collection, it will definitely be from recycled & sustainable materials, since I couldn’t stand behind it if it would’ve been fast fashion.


    The most popular styles in your collection sold out within an hour from the launch. How did that feel?

That was so amazing and a little unexpected to be honest! I knew that people would love the products, but wow, that was something I didn’t see coming. Thanks guys again for all the support<3


    What was the most difficult part about the process of launching an own collection?

Deciding the final versions of the designs, since I had so many ideas 😀 I remember spending so much time on Pinterest and every other “inspo page” and the ideas just kept coming in, haha.


    And then again, what was the most rewarding thing about the entire project?

Seeing & hearing people’s feedback on the products – it was so amazing! I got so many messages saying that the bikinis are the best bikinis people have ever worn and that the whole collection was such a great work. That felt so good after all the hard work!


    Is there anything that surprised you along the way?

Not really. I thought the whole process was quite easy to go through since Lilja helped with all the sample scalings and stuff like that. So I just had to deliver the drawings of the designs and choose the colours and then of course check the samples, when they came and make them better, if there was something to fix. But to be honest the whole process was much easier than I thought!


    We’ll get back to your inspiring career. Where do you see your work or your business leading to in the future?

I see myself going forward with my personal brand by making it bigger and then possibly creating my own product with it one day. Or actually scratch the “possibly”, because I WILL make my own product one day. Not gonna tell you more yet, but I’ve got some dreams for the future… Oh and hopefully I will get to design a Laura Rosilla x Lilja 2.0 collection in the future too 😉


    Thank you so much for making time for this interview! We can’t wait for what the future holds for our upcoming projects together.

Thank you so much for this amazing project<3 I really enjoyed working with you and am so happy that the collection turned out as a success!