Lilja the Label Green Week

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Green Week at Lilja the Label


Black Friday can be overwhelming. It all seems to start as soon as November rolls in. TV ads, Facebook marketing, physical leaflets, the radio blaring… It’s all getting a bit too intense. Here at Lilja the Label, we want to celebrate transparency and sustainability instead of impulse purchasing or hyper consumerism. We understand making use of offers on products you’ve been eyeing for a while or definitely need, however unnecessary purchases based on impulse decisions usually only result to unused products and a huge amount of waste. That’s not very kind for the environment nor for the people making the products. Since Black Friday has been introduced it has transformed from one day to an entire week or more of crazy discounts and an enormous amount of waste.

During the week of Black Friday, 22-28 November, we are not running paid ads or promoting additional discounts to push impulse buying. Instead, we are focusing on greater transparency and sustainability and sharing you insights to our supply chain.

So this week before hitting that “Place your order!” -button, we advise taking the following questions into consideration:


1) Think deeply what you’re going to buy. Will you wear it or use it frequently?

2) Is there a place where you can buy the item that considers ethical and sustainable production?


We are sharing different aspects of our business regarding to greater transparency on our stories on Instagram this week. They have also been saved as a highlight in the @liljathelabel profile in case you’re reading this a bit later in the year!

We are also giving you a quick run-through on our factory and fabrics used below. For more information about our sustainability practices, you can navigate to our SUSTAINABILITY-page.



Pricing is naturally an important part of any business and reflects many things, both within the company and in the eyes of the consumer as well. To achieve greater transparency, we would like to share our pricing structure with you. This is also for you to know where your money ultimately goes when purchasing a Lilja the Label product!

PRODUCTION: This category includes everything involved in making the physical products: the fabrics, production salaries, samples of products, product packaging, hang tags and logo stamps and the freight from our factory to our warehouse.

COMPANY: Our company cost category roughly inludes everything related to all kinds of back-end stuff. These costs are for example IT and the maintenance of our online store, all salaries in Finland, design, research and development, customer service, softwares, product photography, rent of our showroom, company taxes and profit.

LOGISTICS: This includes the costs of warehousing our products, the handling of orders, the shipping costs and the costs caused by returns and undeliverable items. 

VAT: VAT, meaning value added tax, is added to the prices of almost all items around the world. The rates vary between items and countries, but for clothing and in the EU they are generally 19-25%. In Finland it’s 24%.

Lilja the Label price structure

Fabrics used


We use resources from recycled and regenerated origins, ECONYL® and REPREVE® in our fabrics. All the solid coloured fabrics used for our swimwear and activewear collections are sourced from the Italian manufacturer Carvico, which uses the ECONYL® regenerated nylon. The ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from recycled plastic waste that would otherwise be polluting the Earth, such as ghost fishing nets, carpets, industrial plastics and much more.

REPREVE® is the world’s leading recycled fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. Unifi, the company behind it, has been able to recycle more than 25 billion plastic bottles and rescue them from ending up on landfills and turning into a waste. We use REPREVE® as our print fabric due to the great qualities this fabric has for printing: its high-quality and keeps its shape and color well yet being super soft and stretchy for the best possible fit.

Our factory


All our products are ethically handmade in a small family-fan factory in Bali, Indonesia. Employing a total of 36 people, the team is divided into the following: four in the office alongside the owners, two specialising in fabric cutting, 26 in manufacturing, three in quality control carefully checking the pieces before they make their way to us and to you and one in graphic design.

We have decided on this factory after extensive research of the factories, their working conditions, fair wages and holidays.

Working with small businesses enables us to build more personal relationships with our manufacturing staff and to support these young entrepreneurs working for their dreams. We have been privileged to personally visit the factory and are trying to do so yearly, however were unable this year due to the pandemic. Looking forward to hopefully visiting in February!

Final words


Our system isn’t perfect and probably no system can ever be fully perfect, but what matters the most is making informed decisions and being transparent.

We are striving to constantly improve and are more than happy to receive any feedback, ideas or questions about our practices. You can get in contact by email or via our social media channels, we’d love to have a chat!