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Lilja the Label x Nanda Schwarz | Swimwear collection

We are so excited to reveal our mini swimwear collection in collaboration with our favourite German influencer, Nanda Schwarz. Nanda has a gorgeous vintage inspired style and is all about fun colour combinations, not forgetting about always preferring the most sustainable decisions. Our relationship with Nanda originally started all the way back in 2018 when she purchased her first bikini from us – after that, we have worked together on countless campaigns and she has been a huge help in building our community in Germany.

We are absolutely in love with the items Nanda designed for us, and can’t wait to see you wear them on all your summer adventures around the world soon! Get to know Nanda, the inspiration behind the collection and read about our trip to Portugal to visit our factory and to shoot this gorgeous collection together with Nanda and her best friend Gloria.

Lilja the Label x Nanda Schwarz

Nanda Schwarz

Hello! I’m Nanda and I’m 27 years old. I’ve been in the social media world for over 10 years now. I started my first public blog when I was 13 – back then it was still about photography and then it slowly developed into a fashion blog. My mother is a trained seamstress and so I was in contact with fashion and the design process and clothing in general very early on, because she always sewed all my costumes and we played dress-up for hours. I can hardly imagine anything more beautiful than seeing an idea become reality.

Find Nanda on social media:
TikTok: @nandaschwarz
Pinterest: Nanda Schwarz

Lilja the Label x Nanda Schwarz

Nanda's inspiration behind the collection

“I love to wear different colors and styles and to combine them with another. I used to think that I needed to have one specific style and stick to it forever. Today, I am so happy to like many different styles and therefore specifically wanted to have two different patterns combined in this mini collection. This is also of course also to meet the different preferences of my followers! Stripes and checkers are timeless classics for me, but the colours make them unique – especially colour combinations that you don’t see paired together so often. In my collection, you will find one warm-hued version with brown and beige and one cool-hued version with blue and green.”

Lilja the Label x Nanda Schwarz
Lilja the Label x Nanda Schwarz
Lilja the Label Gloria Top checkered


“The Gloria is named after my better half, aka photographer and friend. We met on Instagram and since 2020 we are a pretty good team, both professionally and in private. Gloria loves bikinis that are a bit more cheeky and that’s why I named this set after her. We both share a love for plaid and looked at about 100 different color combos together, until we landed on green and blue, one of our favorites combinations. Some say that “Blue and green should never be seen”, and we don’t agree with that at all.”


“The Helma is named after my grandma and inspired by the 50s, in which she has experienced her youth, just a little modernized. I got my love for stripes from my grandma Helma and immediately knew I wanted to include a striped pattern in the collection. This style also fits our checkered blue pattern perfectly.”
Lilja the Label Polly Onepiece checkered


“Polly is named after one of my favorite songs when I was younger. I used to not like my name much (now I like it a lot), but at that time I always wanted to be called Polly, like the song by Nirvana. Later, I registered myself on Facebook as Polly. So basically it’s my first pseudonym, which also accompanied me my very first blog.
Polly finished at the very last minute, which totally reflects my personality. Our first sample unfortunately did not work out, so we had to improvise spontaneously. Polly’s highlight for me is definitely the back neckline. With its adjustable straps, it fits wonderfully into our collection, as all items can be adjusted to your personal preference. Oh and almost forgot, Polly is of course also reversible. The reversible side is a gorgeous deep green.”
Lilja the Label Polly Onepiece striped

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