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Some of our items are available for preorder. This means that this item is not available for immediate shipment – the collection or the item will be manufactured according to the preorder amounts and our estimated future orders. If your item is in preorder, you’ll see a preorder banner on the product page and once you click on your size on the product page, you’ll get a notification. The timeline for preorders varies between 4-8 weeks, and our estimated timeline will be showing on the product page as well.

By placing your order during the preorder phases you have enough time to plan your purchases and make sure to get ahold of the pieces you are interested in at a lower price. This way you also won’t have to worry about your style and size running out once the collection physically arrives.

Simultaneously, we as a brand can learn more about which items the customers have the most interest in. The preorders will give us an indication which pieces our customers are most interested in and thus improve our production. We are hoping this new concept will benefit both sides and overall ensure a more conscious approach within the fashion industry.

All our main collections will now be launched in three phases: the first pre-order phase (15% off), the second pre-order phase (10% off) and lastly standard in-stock orders once the stock has arrived at our warehouse and the preorders have been sent out.

Preorders: FAQ

If the item you’re looking at is on preorder, it means that it is not in stock nor available for immediate shipment. Preorders generally mean that customers are able to order a certain product before it’s being manufactured, or while it’s being manufactured. Preorders can ensure a more conscious production process in the fashion world: when brands know the rough amounts of how many items they will sell, they can avoid both overproducing and underproducing and can meet the demand better.

Preorders generally take 3-8 weeks to arrive. The estimated schedule is visible on each preorder item’s product page. If these schedules change due to reasons outside our control, we will of course update the estimates and get in contact with all customers that are waiting for their orders.

Yes, you can always cancel your preorder if your situation changes or if you feel like the wait has been too long. You can do so by emailing us your order number and stating you’d want to cancel. No reason needed, and it’s completely ok if you need to cancel! We will refund your entire order amount including the shipping cost.

If the order has already been sent and you need to return the item(s), you can do so within 14 days from receiving the items. Our standard return policies apply on all preorder items as well.

Absolutely! Our standard return policies apply on all preorder items as well. This means that you can shop with a peace of mind, and if for any reason you want to return the item, you can do so within 14 days from receiving the order. So the wait time for preorder items does not affect the return policy at all, it’s always 14 days from when the order arrives.

Yes! We will order our collections taking into account two things: the amount of preorders and our estimated future orders. Once all preorders have been sent out, the rest of the stock will be listed online and you can place a standard order that will be shipped immediately.

A rule of thumb is that your order will be sent out once your last preorder item arrives at our warehouse. If you want to order both preorder and in-stock items, we recommend placing two orders to get your in-stock items immediately. If you’re not in a rush and want to save on the shipping cost, you can add the in-stock items in the same cart with your preorder items and we’ll ship them out together once all the items have arrived.

The silver lining is that if you have missed our preorder discount and seen the item after the discount period, the wait for the item won’t be long! The initial preorder discount is 4-8 weeks in advance, and the 10% discount is 2-4 weeks in advance. If you see no discount, it means that the item is less than 2 weeks away!

However, unfortunately we have set deadlines for the discounts as we need to send the orders to our factory for production. The point of giving the preorder discount is to be able to estimate the amount of orders beforehand. While we’d love to compensate you with a discount even after the preorder period, it’s unfortunately not possible for us due to the different cost structure of in-stock items. We hope you understand this and still want to order from us and support our small brand!

Also, don’t miss our newsletter sign-up bonus – it’s 10% off your first order and applies to all normal-priced items (which the preorder items are if you see no discount and are reading this question!).

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