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    Gift Card

    Our popular gift cards are back! Give the gift of a choice with our online gift cards - you can choose the amount you wish to gift and send it directly to the recipient's email. If you'd rather like to print out the gift card, you can send it to your own email and customise it as you wish. Below you can also add a personalised message to the receiver.

    Our gift cards are valid for an entire year (365 days) and can be redeemed online at  A possible exceeding amount can be paid at checkout by the recipient or alternatively the entire amount does not have to be used at once.

    Our standard 14-day exchange period applies to orders placed with a gift card, but gift cards are not to be exchanged for cash.

    Gift card amounts are in euros but they can be redeemed from any country and in any currency - our website will convert the gift card amount based on the recipient's location.

    Gift cards can't be used to purchase gift cards.

    If you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us!

    PROMO: Buy a gift card valued 100€ or more, get 15% extra - it's on us!

    Buy a gift card valued 100€ -> Get 15€ extra on us!

    Buy a gift card valued 150€ -> Get 22,5€ extra on us!

    Buy a gift card valued 200€ -> Get 30€ extra on us!

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    25,00 200,00 
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    Get FIVE scrunchies chosen by us and save more than 30% of the normal value! The five scrunchies will be a surprise for you chosen by us - we will match them together with each other to create a unique combination and you'll only find out once you receive your order. x We promise you'll love this pack!Saying BYE to waste! These scrunchies are made from leftover fabric cut during our swimwear making process. We wanted to put these little pieces of scrap fabric in use, and that's how our scrunchies were born! Match them with a bikini made from the same print or colour or mix them to create a funky look.
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    30,00  20,00