The story of Lilja the Label: Starting a swimwear brand

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The story of Lilja the Label: Starting a swimwear brand

Yay, you are reading our very first blog post! We started the Lilja the Label blog to be able to update you on different things related to the brand. We will for example show glimpses of our daily life, conduct some interesting interviews with different people in and out of the company, put together lookbooks from our shoots and much more! And if you ever have a topic you’d like to hear more of, you are more than welcome to request a topic via email or our social media channels. So happy you’re here! x

Starting a swimwear brand – how was Lilja the Label started?

Lilja the Label is a Finnish swimwear brand that was founded back in 2016 when the founder and the writer of this blog post, Laura (hi!!!), was a university student looking for something new to do. I wasn’t quite happy about where my career was taking me and started looking for options to work more independently and for myself. At the same time I had been traveling frequently, usually drawn by the beaches, sunshine and the surf – things not found in Finland that frequently. During my travels I had ran into multiple small businesses, online stores and boutiques producing gorgeous things on a smaller and more ethical scale than what the big brands and chains were doing at the time. The idea of starting a swimwear brand or coming up with an activewear collection was kind of always on the back of my mind, but the decision to actually start one happened during a course of a weekend. While on a walk in my then-hometown Turku I decided to start looking into options to start my own business, and spent the weekend googling, researching, browsing, thinking and writing, and by the end of the weekend, I had sent through my company registration papers and it was official!

I’ll get more in-depth about how the brand was started and what the steps along the journey were later on in a different post, but at the time of writing this post, the company has been up and running for five years and I couldn’t be happier about my decision to just go for it without doubting myself too much. The journey has been such a rewarding one, at times very hard and at times the most natural and flowing thing I’ve ever done.

Today Lilja the Label stands for ethical small-scale production (read more here!), sustainable material and fabric choices (read more here!), my simultaneous love for both minimalism and all things vintage (hello muted tones and vibey 70s wallpaper prints!) and my love for adventure and the ocean (preferably combined!). Lilja the Label is currently ran from Helsinki, Finland and directly employs three people alongside myself, however indirectly we have multiple people participating in our daily lives: we have an amazing warehouse team packing and sending your orders, photographers capturing all our designs, freelancers occasionally helping with different smaller scale things and many many more! And we of course wouldn’t be able to do any of this without our amazing customers.

Again, we’re so happy you’ve made it to the blog. Stay tuned for more posts and check the other existing ones by navigating to the front page of the blog.