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Who made my sustainable swimwear?


The image on this page is of our amazing factory owner, Kadek Suci. She runs the factory together with her husband and employs a total of 36 people in Bali.

“Who made my sustainable swimwear?” is a question that will never be a secret for us – we are aiming for utmost transparency when it comes to our production practices, and we cannot wait to tell you more about our makers. Our products are ethically handmade only in handpicked factories we have personally visited. A safe and ethical working environment for everyone that is a part of our product chain in any way is close to our hearts here at Lilja. Therefore it is important for us that our products represent this.

Our main (and currently the only) swimwear and activewear factory is located on the gorgeous paradise island of Bali in Indonesia. This factory has been manufacturing all our swimwear and activewear from 2018 onwards. The factory is ran by a young local couple employing a total of 36 people: four in the office alongside the owners, two specialising in fabric cutting, 26 in manufacturing, three in quality control carefully checking the pieces before they make their way to us and to you and one in graphic design. The team has been able to grow significantly within the past three years we have been with them we could not be happier to be growing together with this amazing family business.

We absolutely love our factory and are so lucky to have a business relationship we can trust with our whole hearts. We have decided on this factory and our other manufacturing partners, such as fabric retailers, manufacturers of packaging materials etc. after extensive research of the factories, their working conditions, fair wages and holidays. We believe that a business that focuses on soft values, well-being and appreciation of the environment can only thrive when the most important resources of the business, the people, are also thriving. Therefore the wellbeing of everyone involved in our production chain is our utmost priority. Read more about our sustainability practices.

Working with small businesses (just like us!) enables us to build more personal relationships with our manufacturing staff and to support these young, ambitious entrepreneurs working for their dreams. We have been privileged to personally visit our manufacturers and are trying to do so yearly.

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