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Lilja the Label: suomalainen bikinimerkki


Lilja the Label is a Finnish swimwear brand established in Turku in 2016. We got tired of ill-fitting, average looking bikinis and the pretty much non existent availability of swimwear outside the summer months. Our aim is to create high-quality bikinis that are available year-round with affordable prices. No more ‘this will do’. Your swimsuit is supposed to stay on, look great and not cost you a fortune! To keep our designs unique, we only manufacture a small quantity of each set. Get ready to stand out in the most comfortable swimwear you’ve ever put your body in.  


Our brand has come together with a little help from all over the world. Our products have been designed during our travels around the world. We are so inspired by this beautiful planet of ours and the endless beauty and opportunities it offers us. We hope you can see this in our designs! Our products are manufactured ethically in in Bali, Indonesia. We have had the honour to personally visit our factory and we’re proud to announce that our products are completely sweat shop free and ethically made. Our warehouse is located in Helsinki, Finland and your orders are sent to you by our Finnish team. 
Lilja the Label: suomalainen bikinimerkki
Lilja the Label on suomalainen bikinimerkki, joka postittaa tilaukset muovipakkauksen sijaan ympäristöystävällisissä puuvillapusseissa.


We are passionate about doing the right thing and taking care of our beautiful planet so that the next generations, too, can also enjoy everything we love so much. We’re aiming to generate as little waste and pollution as possible in our entire production chain – in manufacturing, storing, packing and shipping. We have for example replaced plastic packing materials with more sustainable options. Read more about how we practice sustainability below!


A safe and ethical working environment for everyone that is a part of our product chain in any way is close to our hearts here at Lilja. Therefore it is important for us that our products represent this. Our products are made in Bali, Indonesia after extensive research of our factory, their working conditions, fair wages and holidays. We’ve had the pleasure to personally visit or factory and we are proud to announce that our products are completely sweatshop-free and ethically made. Read more about our manufacturing process below!
Lilja the Label: suomalainen bikinimerkki