Lilja Preloved

We're always up for a challenge! That's why, for the second year in a row, we've teamed up with Relove to find a solution for one of our long-term sustainability goals: extending the lifecycle of every Lilja the Label item. We design our products to last, both use and the test of time. However as our bodies fluctuate, sometimes we find that the pieces we purchase don't fit us perfectly, or we use them less than we originally thought. In these situations, it's a good option to resell the item so it becomes meaningful to another user. But because swimwear can be considered a hygiene product, reselling it can be a tricky task.

That's why we wanted to establish Lilja Preloved together with our partner, Relove. Relove is a Finnish 2nd-hand pioneer and a Helsinki-based 2nd-hand store. We take in your worn Lilja pieces and give them a new chance through Relove. The selection includes not only items returned by our community but also some of our production samples, prototypes, items worn during photoshoots, and some used favorite pieces from our staff.

From May to July, you'll find Lilja Preloved at Relove. Won't be in Helsinki this summer? Don't worry, we plan to offer a selection of used items for our international swim enthusiasts online later this season. Stay tuned!

Shop Lilja Preloved 2.5.-31.7.:
Relove Fredrikinkatu
Relove Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Step by step


Do you have a Lilja the Label piece that you no longer wear in your wardrobe? We can find a new home for it through Relove.



Send the items to us using our prepaid Posti return code (671258) by dropping them off at Posti or by bringing them to our store in Helsinki (Fredrikinkatu 25).

Pack your used items in an envelope or packaging of your choice, write the Posti code on the package, and drop it off at any Posti location free of charge.

Don't forget to fill out our Preloved form and leave a small note with your contact details in the package.


Send the items to us using a courier service of your choice to the following address:

Lilja the Label

Fredrikinkatu 25

00120 Helsinki


Phone: +358505512748

Pack your used items in an envelope or packaging of your choice and write our address details on the package. The sender is responsible for covering the shipping costs for international shipments.

Don't forget to fill out our Preloved form and leave a small note with your contact details in the package.


We will receive your item, assess and classify it, and you will receive a gift card in return based on the condition of your second-hand item.
The gift card can be used both online and in our store and is valid for one year (365 days).


Your item will find a new home through Relove, and you will find your new favorite swimwear piece with your Lilja the Label gift card!

Ready to participate in Lilja Preloved?

We're so happy to hear that you would like to join Lilja Preloved! We kindly ask you to fill out the form below to let us know which items you'll be sending back.

Classification of items

All items will be classified into three different categories, depending on their 2nd hand condition. You can find all three classifications below.

Excellent condition

A - Item

Items categorised as A-level are in excellent preloved condition. They may have been worn in photoshoots or production samples. Alternatively, they can be items from our community in excellent condition.

Gift card value for A
Tops or bottoms: 20€
Onepieces: 40€

Good condition

B - Item

Items categorised as B-level are in good preloved condition. They are items from our community that may have some signs of wear, but still have many years of use ahead of them.

Gift card value for B
Tops or bottoms: 15€
Onepieces: 30€

Satisfactory condition:

C - Item

Items categorised as C-level are in satisfying preloved condition. They may have some signs of wear or minor faults, but should still be given a second chance at life as trusted companions for summers to come.

Gift card value for C
Tops or bottoms: 10€
Onepieces: 20€

Ready to participate in Lilja Preloved?