Join our community - #liljaaroundtheworld

We love our community and want to get to know you better - that's why we have created our special #liljaaroundtheworld campaign. At Lilja the Label, we are a community of like-minded women around the globe, aiming to inspire and enjoy the local coastline year-round. So, let's make sure everyone will know!

Since the beginning of Lilja the Label in 2016, we have expanded internationally a lot. Although Lilja is a Finnish brand, our community is far more than that. The like-minded women of Lilja the Label are located around the globe - Europe, Americas, Asia and even Australia, all sharing the love of year-round adventures either in the hot summer or cold winter.

We want to let you know that we see you, and appreciate each and everyone of you! Without your love for Lilja, we would not be here today.

Through this campaign, we hope to get to know and connect deeper with you, possibly even connect some of you among each other. Who knows, maybe you find a like-minded Lilja girl close by and start a new friendship?

Submit a photo of you wearing your favourite Lilja the Label item, wherever you are in the world. Attach a short story, and you're in! We draw a random winner each month between April and September, to win a 100€ electronic Lilja the Label gift card.

#liljaaroundtheworld step-by-step:

Take a picture

Take a picture of yourself in your favourite Lilja the Label swimwear between 1.4.-30.9.2024. Easy!

Fill in our form

Fill in our participation form and upload your image. You can also include some info about your image or the memory attached to it.

Participate on our monthly raffle

We receive your image and you will automatically participate in our raffle to win a 100€ gift card monthly.

Let's spread the love!

Your image will be shared on our social media platforms (if you consent) and the winners of our giveaway will be randomly drawn and announced at the end of each month.

Also - you are more than welcome to share your gorgeous image on your own channels! If you do so, make sure to tag @liljathelabel so that we can come give it some love!

Want to join #liljaaroundtheworld?

We would love to feature your unique image in your favourite Lilja the Label piece, and share your moment with the Lilja community! For this, we kindly ask you to fill out this form to record your consent and receive a high quality upload of your #liljaaroundtheworld image. Thank you for being part of our community!